6 Fun Matches: Discover The Perfect Bag For Your Personality

6 Fun Matches: Discover The Perfect Bag For Your Personality


Bags are far from being boring storage units for your stuff. They have the power to reveal your true personality and showcase your unique style. That's right, your trusted tote can spill the tea on who you really are! And the best part? Carrying the perfect handbag can give you an extra dose of confidence and let your inner fabulousness shine!


I'm living proof that your bag game is more than just practicality. In the past, I selected bags based on what was popular or fashionable, but something was always missing. Sure, I looked stylish, but my bags didn't speak to my soul. That's until I started carrying oversized bags that truly reflected who I am. And let me tell you, it's been a game-changer! Now, I've got handbags that are as vibrant as my personality, practical as can be, and bring me immense joy.


If you're on the hunt for a purse that's a perfect match for you, stick around! I've got six personality types lined up with their ultimate bag partners. So, get ready to be inspired and discover your bag soulmate!

6 Fun Matches: Discover The Perfect Bag For Your Personality

1. The Social Butterfly

First up, we have the Social Butterfly.

These individuals excel at expressing themselves and connecting with others. Their hallmark personality trait is knowing how to have fun and spread it to everyone in the room. Since they are always on the move, they should have a small, vibrant  mini handbag. It allows them to pick up and carry their bag as easily as they can with conversations.


Whether they're mingling at a party, attending a social event, or simply enjoying a night out with friends, this mini handbag keeps their essentials close at hand while adding a splash of color and personality to their ensemble.

a close up of a woman carring a mini red bag
image from Canva Pro

2. The Confident Creator

Next, we have the Confident Creator.

These individuals have a deep love for imagination and a knack for bringing their inner world to life. They can easily think outside the box and develop remarkable ideas and innovative solutions. Their unwavering passion and motivation to create something new is what truly sets them apart. A colorful oversized tote handbag is the perfect accessory for these creative types. It can hold all their supplies (and ideas), but it can also serve as a canvas showcasing their artistic side to everyone around them.

3. Intuitive Individual

Intuitive individuals are exceptional at analyzing everything around them and filtering it through their deep understanding. They are constantly at work tending to their emotions and thoughts, so they may appear to others as being "old souls." However, intuitive individuals also know the value of keeping their incredible ideas and remarkable reflections safe until they are ready to share them with trusted companions. That's why a bag that feels like home can be so important to them, representing that security. A brown or tan leather hobo bag is the go-to choice; it is timeless, yet it has a ruggedness and durability that means it will last a long time.

two brown leather bags
Image from Canva Pro

4. The Eccentric One

Eccentric individuals have a unique personality and perspective that sets them apart from the pack. They have a knack for seeing the beauty in small things and sharing those insights with others in inspiring ways. Plus, their zest for life and everything in it is unmatched. They need a one-of-a-kind bag, just like them - a unique entity with exquisite designs, patterns, images, or embellishments that no one else on earth can boast!

5. The Serious Scholar

A serious scholar personality type has profound knowledge and analytical skills. They can take on almost any topic with exceptional strength and stamina, using it to the benefit of others or society at large. They are all around us, as our teachers, scientists, mathematicians, authors, historians, politicians, and philosophers. Since they have a significant sense of purpose and lots of materials to carry around, sturdy and reliable backpack would be just perfect for them. 

a woman carrying a brown backpack
Image from Canva Pro

6. The Fearless Adventurer

Finally, we have Fearless Adventurers – those with intense curiosity and wanderlust They want to explore as far as possible and whenever they have the opportunity. No risk or challenge is too great for them - they simply have to prepare themselves well. Accordingly, they need a versatile duffel bag or even an oversized shopping bag to fit all their necessities. It ensures that they will be ready no matter what comes their way!

A woman carrying a duffle bag
Image from Canva Pro

Your handbag truly reflects who you are and how you interact with the world. Finding a bag that represents your personality can be a fun and meaningful activity. So take your time and find the perfect bag you will love carrying around and using daily - it can become a precious mirror of your identity.


I resonate most strongly with the confident creator personality type. I wanted others who had a similar creative soul to be able to find a complimentary bag. Alongside my one-of-a-kind clothing company, Dress Your Color; I designed and created oversized bags. If you want to view my current collection, look here!

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