We are a growing sustainable clothing brand fueled by our passion for color, fashion, and the belief that there’s no such thing as being overdressed!
In our store, you’ll find handmade silk dresses and coats from top-quality vintage Japanese kimonos and obi belts. Our unique colorful pieces are crafted from ceremonial garments worn for special Japanese occasions like weddings, Coming of Age ceremonies, and graduations. All the icredible textiles we use are made of the highest quality materials available and embroidered with designs of good luck and protection from the Japanese culture.
Similar to a high-end wedding dress, these kimonos are vibrant, luxurious, and can cost tens of thousands of dollars when new! Sadly, they are typically only worn a couple of times before being stored away, never to be seen again. That’s why it’s almost impossible to find these stunning pieces outside of Japan, and some of the kimonos we use are over 100 years old by the time we get our hands on them.
We believe that the beauty of these incredible garments deserves to be given new life in a form of that’s fashion-forward and casual enough for everyday wear by anyone!
Upcycling vintage pieces isn’t easy!
 We handpick the most impressive kimonos, scouring vintage shops and auctions until we come across an article that needs to be brought back to life in a form of a dazzling coat or a luxurious dress.
Once we find a perfect piece, that’s when the magic begins!
Allowing the original patterns to guide us, we come up with a custom design, and the dressmaker puts their skills to work, breathing life back into an already remarkable piece so that you can have the opportunity to wear it.
We use the highest-quality natural materials available to us in the reconfiguring of our clothing items. You can find Japanese silk, Japanese cotton, and Japanese hemp linen. In some instances, we may use manufactured materials like velvet or tulle – which have no natural substitute.
All materials are sourced locally from Japan to help support and aid the local economy and businesses.
From start to finish, each process that helps make our brand exist is run entirely by women. From sourcing products and creating brilliant masterpieces of fashion artwork to designing webpages and putting together copy, we support the growing number of females working on setting themselves apart as masters of their craft.
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