It all started with the absence of color. Growing up in communist/socialist Poland, there weren’t many colors to experience. The color palette then consisted of grey on grey with a few additional shades of grey mixed in. Dull.
It wasn’t until I was ten years old that I was introduced to the actual possibilities of color. I traveled to London for the first time and went into a Toys R Us. I was so overwhelmed by the amount of color that was in front of me that I sat on the floor and cried. That moment stayed with me for the remainder of my childhood through adulthood.
Forty years later, my life, work, and family were now in Tokyo.
One day, I was shopping at a second-hand store and came across a stunning kimono on a hanger. It was an incredible combination of colors, iridescent gold threads, and silk embroidery that I thought was absolute perfection. There was just one problem; it was a furisode, a ceremonial kimono worn for the coming-of-age ceremony and as such innaproriate for everyday wear. My Japanese friend told me it would be like wearing a wedding dress to the office.
But I bought it anyway and decided to find a way to wear it one day.
It was this idea that such spectacular pieces can’t be worn more than once that was the driving force behind the creation of Dress Your Color.
After years of experimenting with creating unique dresses I succeeded!
I received so many compliments whenever I wore them that I knew I wanted to share my designs with the world.
Each beautiful piece of fabric, full of hand-stitched designs, will find new life as we create one-of-a-kind high-fashion pieces that are casual enough for everyday wear.
Meet the talent behind crafting our beautiful pieces of clothing. Midori is the thread that holds our operation together, literally.
After attending one of Japan's oldest and most prestigious fashion colleges, she set out on her journey into the world of fashion creation. It wasn’t long before she found herself working for a sample manufacturer, where she prepared samples and garments for an array of budding designers and fashion shows. She dedicated ten years to working in that industry before heading out on her own.
Now, Midori works on her own as a freelancer and specializes in made-to-order cosplay costumes. She creates stunning works of anime art in the form of high-quality costumes for professional cosplayers. While tackling the intricacies of Japanese uchikake kimonos isn’t exactly in the cosplay category, Midori was more than happy to take on the challenge.
Midori’s ability to fearlessly jump into a complex project has helped pave the way for turning Zuzanna’s visions into a reality.