How to store silk: an advice on storing and protecting your silk clothes.

How to store silk: an advice on storing and protecting your silk clothes.


Oh, luxurious silk! What comes to your mind when you think about it? The divine sensation of the fabric that feels ultra-soft and smooth against your skin? Its incredibly gorgeous looks and drape?  And maybe the feeling like pure royalty when you are wearing it?  


Whatever silk represents for you, I have absolutely no doubt that you want that experience to last a lifetime! That’s how amazing it is! And, it’s completely possible. With the proper protection and storage, your silks can last even more than a hundred years! (read more about how to wash silk here) Those precious items can look and feel just as beautiful as they do right now, as when you pass them down to your grandchildren! 


I’ve worked with high-quality Japanese silks for years now, finding and bringing vintage pieces into my one-of-a-kind work. I just love the ancient beauty, magic, and stories that come along with these long-lasting, well-preserved fabrics! Take a look at my Peony Queen Empire Dress, which has a bodice from a 100-year-old hand-painted silk kimono belt and a bright orange skirt from a 70-year-old kimono! Or, peek at my Grass and Chrysanthemum Boho Bag, which is created from three vintage silk obi belts - one of which was 90 years old!  


The Japanese people definitely know a thing or two about caring for and storing precious silks. They’ve cultivated their secrets over centuries! Did you know that their silk creations date all the way back to 300 AD? That’s a long time to pick up this pure art form! And, I’ve always wanted to share this wisdom with anyone who has the pure pleasure of owning silk clothing, bags, or scarves!  

How to store silk: an advice on storing and protecting your silk clothes.

1. Consider Padded Hangers Must-Haves Your Silk Garments

Who wouldn’t want to slip on a stunning silk dress or coat nearly every day? They make us feel like we’ve taken our whole day up a notch into pure sophistication and glamour. But, don’t forget the importance of proper storage, even if it’s short-term! Keep the precious fabric in pristine condition by avoiding wire hangers, as they add lots of creases and wrinkles to your pieces! 


Instead, opt for those pretty padded hangers that will treat your silk gently. Remember, if you have embroidered or hand-painted silk items, use a large hanger to avoid stress and stretching! Your silk will thank you, and you’ll thank your clothes hanger. 

a picture of padded hangers that are ideal for storing silk clothes
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2. Master the Art of Folding Silk Away for Long-Term Storage

Are you one to save your silks for special occasions? You’re not the only one - exquisite and extravagant silk clothes are perfect for weddings, birthdays, and more! In fact, that’s part of the reason I upcycle vintage Japanese silks for my dresses, coats, and bags! I take hand-painted ceremonial silk garments that have been worn once or a handful of times for special occasions and upcycle them into new pieces that can be worn more regularly.

No matter why you want to store them, make sure they are just as beautiful when you take them out of long-term storage! Don’t just throw them in a drawer and forget about them. Take your time to fold them carefully and wrap each fold in acid-free tissue paper. You’ll be able to keep your garment wrinkle-free and keep dust, dirt, and bugs away from your fabrics. Worried about moisture? Add some moisture-absorbing packets to really soak up all that humidity and keep your silk nice and dry.

Many people think it’s a good idea to top off their storage by wrapping silk in a plastic bag. It may seem like common sense, but steer clear of that method! It can actually trap moisture, leading to mildew and mold! That’s the last thing you want! So, use breathable garment bags instead!

3.Choose the Perfect Place for Your Silk Clothing

Silks are precious items, which is why you want to find a prime hiding spot for your garments… And, I don’t mean curious fingers! I mean, the fearsome four: sunlight, moisture, constraint, and bugs! The best place to put your silk clothing is in a cool, dark, and dry space with lots of air-circulation around the breathable garment bag (that means nothing making the silks constricted or compressed). Consider this your ultimate secret to avoiding fabric damage, weak fibers, and faded colors and patterns!

a woman wearing is standing in front of the closet, which is a perfect place for storing silk clothes
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4. Breathe new Life into Your Silk with Regular Airing

I know you don’t need another excuse to take out your favorite silk clothing and admire its beauty! However, if you’ve been itching to get a glimpse of your luxurious pieces, this is your green light! If you want to preserve your silk clothing the Japanese way, take your items out once or twice a year just to give them some air. It’ll help keep them pretty, soft, and strong (just like you when you wear them)!

a woman wearing a dress made from fabric that drapes beautifully
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Keeping your silks looking and feeling brand-new is really as easy as 1, 2, 3…4! These secrets will help you treat them right, even if you’re putting them away for a little while. Your future self will truly thank you once you take them out of storage and slip them back on. They’ll be just as gorgeous and feel simply divine - for potentially hundreds of years. You can read more about how to wash silk clothes here.


Are you looking for the perfect silk clothing to add to your collection? My shop, Dress Your Color, is filled with my unique creations. You’ll find marvelous silk coats, colorful silk dresses, and spacious silk bags. Look through the collection today! While they’re designed with everyday wear in mind, if you ever need to store them, just come back to this guide for your expert tips!

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