Mother's Day 2024: Best Crafts for Kids! 15 Brilliant Ideas

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Mother's Day 2024: Best Crafts for Kids! 15 Brilliant Ideas

Mother's Day is almost here, and it's time to celebrate!

Whether you're a spouse, relative, or friend, you probably know a child who wants to find the perfect gift for Mother's Day.

Why not encourage their creativity to make this Mother's Day extra special?

In this post, we've curated 15 awesome Mother's Day craft ideas for kids of all ages.

So, let's spread joy and get those art supplies ready!

It's time to make some unforgettable memories!😄

Mother's Day 2024: Best Crafts for Kids! 15 Brilliant Ideas.

1. Hand Painting or Stamping Printout

Mother's Day 2024 Best Crafts for Kids! 15 Brilliant Ideas.  Hand Stamping and Painting for Mother's Day.

Personally,  hand stamping is one of my favorite craft activities for Mother's Day,  as even the smallest kids can enjoy it.

Mom is sure to enjoy receiving cards with their kids' handprints and even footprints. Plus, it gives kids the opportunity to get a little messy.😄

That's why I've prepared this awesome FREE set of 5 oh-so-cute handprint craft sheets for you!

Free Dowload of 5 Handstamping Activity Sheets



How does it work:

  • Download & Save

  • You will get two types of files: one with an example of finished work and the main worksheet to print out and put your print on.

  • Print the file at home or a local print shop. Heavyweight paper or cardstock is recommended.

  • Have your child paint their hand any color and press it onto this printable design to complete it. They can decorate it further with markers, paint, or glitter to create a more personalized gift for Mother's Day.

2. Mason Jar Candle Holder

Mother's Day 2024 Best Crafts for Kids! 15 Brilliant Ideas. Jar Candle Holder for Mother's Day.

Creating a mason jar candle holder is a simple and delightful Mother's Day craft idea that even small children can participate in with adult help.

Here's how:

Materials Needed:

  • Mason jar
  • Contact paper
  • Scissors
  • Primer
  • Paints
  • Paintbrushes
  • Tealight candle


  1. Cut Shape:

    • With adult assistance, cut a fun shape out of contact paper.
  2. Stick Shape:

    • Stick the shape onto the mason jar.
  3. Prime Jar:

    • Cover the jar with primer.
  4. Let it Dry:

    • Allow the primer to dry completely.
  5. Paint the Jar:

    • Let your child paint the jar with different colors. Encourage them to get creative!
  6. Let it Dry Again:

    • Wait for the paint to dry completely.
  7. Remove Shape:

    • Carefully peel off the contact paper to reveal the shape underneath.
  8. Insert Candle:

    • Place a tealight candle inside the mason jar.
  9. Light the Candle:

    • With adult supervision, light the candle and enjoy the warm glow of your homemade mason jar candle holder!

3. Dot-to-Dot Mazes

Kindergarten kids will have fun completing a Mother's Day theme dot-to-dot maze.

They can even color the finished design to present as a card. 

Another idea is to print out coloring sheets to decorate them for their mom.

4. Pipe Cleaner Jewelry

Mother's Day 2024: Best Crafts for Kids! 15 Brilliant Ideas

Pipe cleaner jewelry is a fun craft idea for toddlers and preschoolers to make for Mother's Day.

Follow these easy steps to create beautiful jewelry:

Materials Needed:

  • Pipe cleaners in various colors
  • Pony beads or other small beads


  1. Gather Materials:

    • Get pipe cleaners and beads ready for crafting.
  2. Thread Beads onto Pipe Cleaner:

    • Let children choose their favorite pipe cleaner color and thread beads onto it. They can slide the beads onto the pipe cleaner.
  3. Twist Ends to Secure:

    • Help them twist the ends of the pipe cleaner together to hold the beads in place.
  4. Optional: Add Decorations:

    • Kids can add extra beads or charms for decoration if they like.
  5. Create Different Pieces:

    • Encourage children to make bracelets, necklaces, or rings using different colors and bead patterns.
  6. Share and Wear:

    • Once finished, they can give it as a special gift for Mother's Day.

5. Mother's Day Party Game

While a Mother's Day party game isn't a craft idea, it's still a great way include tweens and teens in the Mother's Day celebration.

Whether they're coming up with hilarious nicknames or taking multiple selfies, these games create a Mother's Day she'll never forget!

6. Painted Flower Pot

Mother's Day 2024: Best Crafts for Kids! 15 Brilliant Ideas. Painted Flower Pot for Mother's Day.

Painting a terra cotta pot is a simple but fun Mother's Day craft for kids.

Follow these steps:

Materials Needed:

  • Terra cotta pot
  • Acrylic paints
  • Paintbrushes
  • Palette or plate for paint
  • Optional: pencil, clear sealant spray


  1. Choose a Design:

    • Think about what design you want on the pot. You can draw it on paper first.
  2. Prepare the Pot:

    • Make sure the pot is clean and dry.
  3. Paint the Pot:

    • Apply a base coat of paint to the pot. Let it dry.
    • Add your design with different colors of paint. Be creative!
  4. Let it Dry:

    • Wait for the paint to dry completely.
  5. Optional: Seal the Paint:

    • Spray the pot with clear sealant to protect the paint.
  6. Fill the Pot:

    • Fill the pot with flowers, real or fake.
  7. Give to Mom:

    • On Mother's Day, give the painted pot to Mom as a special gift.

7. Plastic Spoon Flowers

Mother's Day 2024 Best Crafts for Kids! 15 Brilliant Ideas.  Plastic spoon flowers  for Mother's Day.

Now you've got a handpanited flower pot, le's make some flowers to go with it!

Colorful flowers from plastic spoons will make a wonderful Mother's Day surprise.

Here's how:

Materials Needed:

  • Plastic spoons (3 per flower)
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Floral tape
  • Plastic cups
  • Paper shavings or shredded paper


  1. Create Flower Petals:

    • Arrange three plastic spoons in a circle to form flower petals. Make sure the spoon handles point inward, forming the center of the flower.
  2. Secure with Pipe Cleaner:

    • Wrap a pipe cleaner around the spoon stems to hold them together. Leave some pipe cleaner length as the flower stem.
  3. Wrap with Floral Tape:

    • Use floral tape to secure the spoons and pipe cleaner together. This makes the flower look more polished.
  4. Prepare Flower Pot:

    • Fill a plastic cup with paper shavings or shredded paper. This will hold the flower in place.
  5. Insert Flower into Pot:

    • Place the plastic spoon flower into the cup, pressing the stem into the paper to keep it upright.
  6. Repeat and Arrange:

    • Make more flowers using different colors of spoons. Arrange them in the cup to create a lovely bouquet.
  7. Present to Mom:

    • Give the bouquet to Mom as a special Mother's Day gift. She'll love the thoughtful handmade flowers!

8. Rock Painting

Mother's Day 2024: Best Crafts for Kids! 15 Brilliant Ideas. Rock Painting for Mother's Day.

Kids enjoy collecting rocks, so turn this activity into a Mother's Day craft!

There are rock painting kits, but collecting the rocks adds a personal touch.

Here's how:

Materials Needed:

  • Smooth rocks
  • Acrylic paints
  • Paintbrushes
  • Water cup
  • Paper towels


  1. Gather Rocks:

    • Find smooth rocks outside or at a park.
  2. Clean Rocks:

    • Use a damp paper towel to wipe the rocks clean and let them dry.
  3. Paint:

    • Paint the rocks with acrylic paints in any designs or patterns your child likes.
  4. Let Dry:

    • Allow the painted rocks to dry completely.
  5. Optional: Seal:

    • If you want, you can spray a clear sealant over the rocks to protect the paint.
  6. Give to Mom:

    • Once the rocks are dry, place them in a decorative container or arrange them in the garden as a special surprise for Mom on Mother's Day.

9. Lavender Bath Bombs

If mom needs a little rest and relaxation, older kids can surprise her with homemade lavender bath bombs.

You can purchase a kit for making bath bombs or look for the ingredients and recipe online.

Feel free to substitute lavender with mom's favorite scent!

10. Tin Can Pencil Holder

Create a special Mother's Day gift by turning a tin can into a unique pencil holder.

Here's how:

Materials Needed:

  • Clean tin can
  • Decorative paper or wrapping paper
  • Glue or tape
  • Scissors
  • Markers, stickers, or other decorations


  1. Prepare the Tin Can:

    • Make sure the tin can is clean and dry.
  2. Wrap with Paper:

    • Cut the decorative paper to fit around the can.
    • Use glue or tape to attach the paper to the can.
  3. Decorate:

    • Let your child decorate the paper with markers, stickers, or other decorations. They can write "Happy Mother's Day" or draw hearts and flowers to make it special.
  4. Let it Dry:

    • Allow the pencil holder to dry completely.
  5. Gift to Mom:

    • On Mother's Day, present the pencil holder to Mom as a handmade gift filled with love.

11. Homemade Cards

Homemade cards are the perfect Moter's Day gift from toddlers to teenagers.

You can help younger kids fold the construction paper if necessary, but let them decorate the card themselves.

Of course, older kids can handle this craft on their own.

12. Seed Packet Wreath

Use straight pins to attach multiple packets of seeds to a foam base.

Remember to let your child help pick and attach the seeds.

One idea is to choose a theme, such as only attaching seeds that attract bees and butterflies.

You can even attach herbs and small produce seeds for a tasty theme!

13. Mother's Day Scrapbooks

Put together a scrapbook of pictures, memories, letters, and "What I Love About Mom" pages.

Even the youngest children should choose the book's contents, of course.

Older children and teens may have their own ideas for the book.

14. Painted Picture Frame

Painting a wooden picture frame is another classic gift idea for Mother's Day.

The best part is that it's perfect for most ages.

Finish it off with a picture of mom and her little one.

15. Mother's Day Friendship Bracelets

What could be better than a homemade Mother's Day gift from a tween or teen?

A gift that symbolizes their friendship!

There are several ways to make friendship bracelets, from alphabet beads to special threads. 


If you ask many moms what they enjoy receiving for Mother's Day, they'll answer with homemade gifts from their kids.

(If you are interested in different cultures, you can read about Japanese Mother's Day celebration here)

So, choose a Mother's Day craft for kids, break out the supplies, and help your kids create a gift she'll treasure forever!

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