The Top 6 Reasons To Start Wearing Bold Patterns

The Top 6 Reasons To Start Wearing Bold Patterns


Are you tired of the same old outfits every day? Do you really want some excitement in your wardrobe? Whether you love to stand out or just look for little ways to spice things up, I have just the solution to jazz up your life! It's none other than bold patterns and prints!


While solid, neutral clothing definitely has its place, there is nothing quite like a daring design to make you feel extraordinary. As a designer of intricate clothing pieces, I am absolutely obsessed with one-of-a-kind dresses and coats  and how they make people feel. I love helping individuals express their personalities and fuel their passion for fashion!

It's time to take a chance and add some eye-catching choices to your closet! Find out the top six reasons to start wearing bold patterns today!

The Top 6 Reasons To Start Wearing Bold Patterns

1. Telling a Story

Fashion is more than just clothing, it's about the stories behind them! If you ever have the chance to slip on Dolce & Gabbana's Mediterranean designs, you will immediately feel like you're in Italy. The vibrant colors, gorgeous florals, stunning animal prints, and intricate black lace exude that Italian dream of glamor and luxury. Likewise, Versace's bold prints and rich colors make you feel like sophisticated fashion royalty in seconds.

As a designer, I, too, believe that clothing should have a unique story and beautiful messages. They make you feel like the main character in a new and fun storyline and can transform your whole world. You should definitely choose amazing designs that resonate with you and use them to express the stories you want to tell the world. This way, you’ll not only wear clothes. You’ll tell tales that leave everyone wanting to hear more!

a woman wearing bold floral top and shorts
Image from Pinterest

2. Representing a Rich Culture

Patterns are an amazing way to glimpse into a culture without ever saying a word. When you see lots of bright colors and fun shapes, you may think of places like Africa or India. Here, they represent happiness and good fortune. When you see intricate designs, you may imagine Asia. You may wonder what every curve and line may symbolize, as they are well-known for their deeply meaningful designs there!

In fact, when creating my own fashion designs, I love drawing inspiration from Japan! I get so excited about incorporating gorgeous florals and wildlife into my outfits. They hold so much significance beyond just their beauty. It's my way of honoring Japan's rich history and traditions, weaving their magic into every piece!

a woman wearing a suit made from Aftican bold print fabric
image from Pinterest

3. Shaping your Silhouette

Do you want to show off your stunning silhouette? Patterns are the perfect way to enhance your figure by calling attention to all the areas you want to highlight and detracting from areas that you would rather conceal. It's all about selecting a bold print that works for your shape! In this way, you can look (and feel) your absolute best!

a plus size woman wearing floral shirt
Image from Canva Pro

4. Making a Statement

Walking down the street or entering your workplace, you may notice that neutral colors dominate everyday fashion. Thankfully, this is nothing but your blank canvas. You can add pops of color and unique designs, creating your very own work of art. The best part? Bold prints are like a fashion spotlight, shining a light on your most fabulous features! Whether it's vibrant florals, funky geometric shapes, or fierce animal prints, they demand attention and turn heads wherever you go. Rocking a bold print draws the eye and instantly gives you that confident, "look at me" vibe .

a woman wearing an oversized colorfu coat. She is wearing bold mixed patterns.
Image from Dress Your Color

5.Having Fun

Do you remember the first time you truly dressed up? I surely do! I had a blast choosing the perfect outfit, putting on accessories, and adding flairs that made me feel amazing. Over time, that feeling sadly tends to go away. But, guess what? You can reclaim that feeling once again! Take a peek at collections bursting with bright colors and beautiful patterns, pick out your favorite pieces, and let that creative spark run wild. The pure unbridled joy is totally worth it!

Find out more about dressing for joy and happiness here!

a girl playind dress up red had and pink sunglasses
Image from Canva Pro

6. Expressing Your Personality

Fashion is all about expressing oneself, and we have the swinging sixties to thank for it! During that time, experimental colors and styles became mainstream, allowing designers to unleash their creativity and imagination. Although that era may be long over, the spirit continues to live on today. Bold patterns are your opportunity to express your inner self and to show the world who you really are. From fierce and fiery to boho-chic or whimsically romantic, there's a bold print that perfectly captures your personality. Don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and embrace the prints that make you happy and truly resonate with you!

a woman wearing emarald green pussy bow dress, this dress has bold patterns
Image from Dress Your Color

Whether you prefer stunning florals, geometric shapes, or motifs, there are designs for everyone. There's absolutely no limit to how you can express yourself. Choose what you love and wear it proudly! You can show the world who you really are with one-of-a-kind colorful coats, art dresses, or stylish oversized bags - the choice is yours!


Dress Your Color is all about helping individuals express themselves through different designs, textures, cuts, and colors. You’ll have the chance to add unique pieces to your wardrobe and experience the fun of putting on an outfit you genuinely enjoy every day! Take a look at our collection! Trust me, once you go bold, you’ll never go back!

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