Wearing Gold: Tacky or Glamorous? Tips on Wearing Gold.

wearing gold: tacky or glamorous? Tips on wearing gold



Eyeing a gorgeous gold outfit and wondering if you’ll ever actually wear it? With the Kardashians pushing for a neutral color palette and stores lining their shelves with beiges and browns, it’s normal to feel unsure about shiny golden clothes!

Yet, it wasn't always like that! Go back in time a little bit and you’ll discover that gold reigned supreme in fashions for thousands of years! But, then, something happened! It became cheaply imitated and it lost its appeal.

We can’t ignore the fact that gold holds some amazing powers, the color of choice for the elite for centuries. If you embrace the golden glow, I promise you that you will soon feel the magic within your wardrobe…and in your life! 

Top 5 Reasons To Dress Yourself in Gold (At Least, A Little Bit)

1. Gold Has Deep Symbolism and Meaning

Who doesn’t want to feel a little bit more powerful and a little more successful? 
Good news is, there is a color that can help you achieve just that - gold!

Gold has always been something special. It's rare, precious, and has a fascinating history that goes back centuries. People all over the world have admired and prized gold for its beauty and symbolism. It's  a universal sign of wealth, success, and prosperity.

When you wear gold, you're not just wearing a pretty color. You're tapping into that long history and cultural significance of gold. It may work magic for your mindset!
Wearing gold - the color which for centuries has been linked to wealth, abundance and triumph affects you confidence and sell-esteem in a positive way.

Similarly, others who see you dressed in gold tend to subconsciously perceive you as someone who is confident, accomplished, and deserving of respect. This perception can influence how others interact with you, potentially opening doors to new opportunities and positive social interactions.

No matter what you're doing or where you're going, adding tiny golden touches can change the whole course of your day. Try it and see for yourself!

a close up of a woman wearing gold, showcasing an example of how to wear gold.
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2. Gold Attracts Positive Energy

Gold is somewhat of a good luck charm! In Japan, gold is believed to possess spiritual properties that bring good fortune. And in Africa, they use it in rituals to promote good health and energy. Every culture and religion believes this to some extent!

Do you believe in manifesting your destiny? Or, maybe just attracting positivity? You may be surprised that gold can help you; it doesn’t hurt that it’s extremely beautiful at the same time. Whether you fall in love with a golden boho bag or simply add a little gold sparkle to your makeup, you just may be able to bring some abundance your way!

gold good luck charms, exemplyfying the power of wearing gold
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3. Gold Is Luxurious Beyond Measure

I think we've all had the experience of trying on something that looks gold, but it just ends up looking cheap and tacky! Once we look in the mirror, it seems like we’re playing dress up or going out to a club…. But, never in a good way!

Luckily, not all golden clothing is the same! Most pieces you’ll find on the racks are not even made with real gold, they’re just a synthetic, plastic version. Take a peak at luxury gold fabrics and fine golden threads! They are actually made with the true precious metals!

Oh, and I have to say, you'll definitely notice the difference as soon as you see and touch these true gold clothes! I’m convinced there’s some kind of pure magic in these materials that you could never find anywhere else. I do understand that they are more expensive than some of the cheaper options out there, but believe me when I say that they are absolutely worth it! They are simply so beautiful, and it’s really such a delight to wear them over and over again.

As the fashion designer behind Dress Your Color, I add gold as much as possible to my oversized coats and bow tie dresses. Since I source all my silk from vintage Japanese ceremonial kimonos, I can make sure no two pieces are ever alike. The silk metallic threads and hand-painted gold leaf designs send these pieces over the top, add a touch of luxury to these pieces and make them stand out from the rest.

a woman is wearing a gold dress and jewellery, showcasing an example of how to wear gold
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4. Gold Draws the Eye… Strategically

You know what's always a showstopper? Gold! Designers can do some spectacular things with this sparkling hue. They might even use it to make certain parts of a dress stand out, like the waist or neckline. Or, they might get creative and add gold designs to their pieces.

Do you want to choose clothing pieces that perfectly complement your figure? Golden pieces are one of the best ways to do so! Yet, I understand if you don’t want to commit with a fully-golden outfit. Instead, you can start slow with golden accents or jewelry! No matter what you choose, one thing is certain: you'll always be eye-catching!

variety of gold accessories and clothes, showcasing examples of how to wear gold
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5. Gold Portrays Your Unique Personality

It’s true that every fashion choice has the power to express your individuality. You have to admit though that few are as attention-grabbing as gold! Just take a look at this oversized coat in rare, old gold hue! Gold is one of the rarest metals on earth, and genuine golden clothing is rarely seen when you walk down the street.

But, of course, when you do see someone wearing gold, it's hard not to take notice! The leading fashion houses know this all too well, creating one-of-a-kind golden pieces whenever they truly want to make a splash at their runway shows. You can use that to your advantage!Take the chance to stand out from the crowd and celebrate being uniquely you!

A woman sitting in silk clothes enjoying benefits of natural silk clothes
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If you are a little shy about wearing all-over gold, take heart. There are plenty of ways to wear golden attire without feeling overdressed. Start with small, golden accents that just make your daily outfits feel that much more special! Or, try a golden piece that incorporates other colors and designs. It's all up to you and what makes you feel most confident!

When you are looking for high-quality golden clothing, come look at my collection of hand-made coats and boho bags. Whether a gold silk oversized coat makes your heart flutter, or a golden dress is more your style, there is something in my Dress Your Color shop for every single person!

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