Wrapped in Luxury: 6 Reasons to Choose Cupro for Your Sewing Projects

Wrapped in Luxury: 6 Reasons to Choose Cupro Lining for Your Sewing Projects


As a fashion designer, I must confess that working with luxurious fabrics is like heaven on earth. I love how they feel luxurious and look divine, so it's no wonder I'm obsessed with them! Each fabric has its own story, character, and charm. It's like creating wearable art, and every day, I start my work incredibly grateful for the opportunity to work with such beautiful materials!


I specialize in creating unique, one-of-the-kind dresses and coats out of high-quality silk brocade or hand-painted Japanese silk. I wouldn't dream of fininshing off those works of art with anything less then the best possible material. And nothing is better than 100% Japanese Bemberg Cupro Lining! This incredible fabric allows me to weave pure magic into my pieces. 


Unfortunately, in the world of commercial fashion, polyester is the most commonly used lining material. It's affordable, easy to produce, and readily available. But personally, I struggle with this fabric, especially when it serves as a lining touching the skin. Polyester is basically plastic; it lacks breathability, doesn't absorb moisture, and attracts static electricity. And don't even get me started on its environmental impact: as a fiber derived from petroleum-based chemicals, it is not biodegradable, contributing to environmental issues. For me, choosing polyester as a lining is like wearing a pet bottle!


So what's the alternative? Cupro! It just so happens that it is the best-kept secret in lining fabrics! If you're thinking about using it for your own creations or admiring pieces made with Cupro, here are six key reasons why it's worth your attention. One thing's for sure; you won't be disappointed!

6 Reasons to Choose Cupro Lining for Your Sewing Projects

1. Sensationally Soft

Cupro fabric is not your average lining! The process of creating it is quite complex, involving dissolving cotton linter fibers in copper oxide, adding sulfuric acid, passing it through a special machine, and then hardening the filaments. But the end product is truly amazing - a fabric that feels like a dream against your skian. It's smooth, soft, and oh-so heavenly.

a picture of a bemberg cupro lining with a cotton plant
Image from CanvaPro

2. Incredibly Luxurious

Sometimes, it may seem like we live in a world where we can obtain anything we want, whenever we want it! Yet, some things are so rare that they can only be found in one area of the world; Bemberg Cupro is one of those exclusive fabrics, as it is only created by renowned Japanese manufacturer Asahi Kasei. Of course, the limited availability adds to its expense! However, it is truly worth it when you can feel its blissful texture and beautiful aesthetic.

3. Beautiful Silhouette

Most commonly used, polyester lining has limited drapability. It can be stiffer and less fluid than natural fibers, and it also causes static buildup, making clothes cling to the body or other fabrics.

But you don't have to suffer for fashion! I've always believed that comfort and style should go hand in hand, and 100% Cupro fabric is one of those materials that can make it happen. It drapes beautifully on the feminine silhouette, flows with every step, and feels so comfortable you'll forget you're wearing anything at all.

a woman wearing a dress made from fabric that drapes beautifully
Image from CanvaPro

4. Highly Hypoallergenic

Do you have sensitive skin? Do you suffer from allergies? Do you struggle with temperature regulation? You need to experience the magic of Cupro fabric. It is one of the few truly breathable materials, moisture-wicking, and hypoallergenic. It's one of the main reasons I use 100% silk and 100% cupro in all my creations; it ensures that anyone can wear stunning coats and dresses without sacrificing health and well-being.

a close up of a woman wearing silk floral black dress.  The dress has a frill and a bow tie.
Image from CanvaPro

5. Amazingly Strong

Cupro has remarkable durability and strength. This incredible material starts off from mere cotton fibers and becomes a powerful fabric that can withstand decades of wear and tear. If you invest in a stunning piece created or lined with Cupro, you can feel confident knowing it will maintain its quality and beauty for years to come.

a woman wearing an oversized coatd lined with Bemberg cupro fabrric.
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6. Extraordinarily Eco-Friendly

Sustainablility could not be any more important right now! Fortunately, Cupro is eco-friendly, as the cotton linter fibers are a byproduct of other cotton processes! Rather than the industry throwing away these materials, they repurpose them to generate beautiful fabric.

Oh, and did I mention that the mills that produce Cupro are also committed to being sustainable? They use renewable energy sources, recycle chemicals, and practice other eco-friendly processes that make you feel good about your wardrobe choices! 

a picture showing how cupro is biodegradable
Image from AsahiKasei Homepage

Cupro is the best thing to happen to lining fabrics since...well, EVER! With all the fantastic qualities we talked about, I hope I managed to convince you to switch to Cupro for your next sewing project. 

It is a wonderful alternative to polyester and I am sure it will be a luxurious and comfortable addition to your handmade fashion. Give it a try, and let me know how it went!

At Dress Your Color, my collection of 100% Japanese silk dresses and coats are all lined with 100% Japanese Bemberg Cupro lining. The customers not only admire the gorgeous embroidered or painted images on the exterior but are also delighted by the luxurious interior!

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