How to Wear Drop Waist Dress Trend 2024: Honest Styling Tips for All Body Types

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How to Wear Drop Waist Dress Trend 2024: Honest Styling Tips for All Body Types

If you have been paying any attention to the catwalks and high streets recently, then you must have noticed a fantastic new tailoring trend making a comeback – drop waist dresses!

As a fashion designer, I am in love with the drop waist look!

Not only does it create a silhouette that will help you stand out from the crowd, but the low waistline gives extra room to really show off fabulous fabrics and patterns.

So, if textiles are your jam, you should definitely check out my drop waist dresses collection to see how the dress shape allows for stunning kimono patterns to stand out.

Unfortunately, drop waist dresses have a bit of a reputation for being difficult to pull off, and, as I read some comments on the internet, many people are cautious about trying this hot trend.

And that is true - there is a lot that might go wrong when wearing a low waist dress when styled inappropriately.

So how exactly should you style low waist dresses?

And what body types does a drop waist look best on?

Below we'll take a look at everything you need to know about the drop waist trend in 2024 and how to wear it to beautiful effect.

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How to Wear Drop Waist Dress Trend 2024: Honest Styling Tips for All Body Types

What is a Drop Waist Dress?

Before we delve into how to style the drop waist trend in 2024, let's first of all take a look at exactly what a drop-waist dress is!

A low waist dress has a noticeably lower waistband when compared to traditional dresses.

On drop waist style, the centre band typically falls in line with your hips rather than your waist.

This gives a unique looser effect around your middle, with the fabric becoming narrower once it hits your lower section.

This cut can help to lengthen the look of your body and creates a unique twist on everyday dresses and formal wear.

When Did the Drop Waist Dress Become Popular?

The flapper look of the 1920's jazz age is the signature fashion moment for drop waist trends.

Flapper dresses were popularized by silent movie stars such as Clara Bow and British fashionistas known as the "Bright Young Things!"

Providing a stark contrast to the stuffy fashions of the previous decades, drop waist dresses represented youth, freedom, and a brand-new chic style!

Intrestingly, oversized fashion trend also has its origins around the same time!

Is Drop Waist Back in Style in 2024?

Is Drop Waist Back in Style in 2024?

Are drop waist dresses back in fashion? Yes and YES!

And not a moment too soon.

It's been a while since stylish and flattering low waistlines have been seen gracing international catwalks.

Sure, since the 1920s heyday for flapper dresses, there have been some revivals, as fashion fans paid homage to the jazz age, with sharp bob haircuts and drop waistlines becoming a vintage staple.

But right now, in 2024, it's undeniable that the low waist dress is very much having a moment, and the internet is raving about this hot new trend.

The drop waist silhouette has firmly made its way back onto the catwalks across the globe, and celebrities such as Lady Gaga and Zendaya have been spotted rocking the look on the red carpet.

The design has also begun to have an impact on street style and high street looks, with a drop waistline predicted to be the hottest summer look and even Vogue dubbing it go-to silhouette in 2025 wedding fashion!

Drop waist trend 2024 - How to style it for your body type.

how to style it Drop wasit trend : for your body type? drop waist dress syling tips for all body types
Image from CanvaPro and FreePik

Drop waist dresses will draw the eye away from the midsection and lower down the body, with more focus on your hips.

The shape also has the effect of drawing attention towards your legs, which can work to lengthen your appearance.

However, a lot can also go wrong when wearing drop waist dresses, with the worst-case scenario of your legs looking short and the silhouette feeling stocky.

So, before we look at a breakdown of how drop waist dresses fit different body types, let's do some troubleshooting first.

How to Style Drop Waist Dress: Things to Be Careful About.

1. Waist Placement:

This can either make or break the look.

For shorter dresses, make sure that the low waist sits somewhere between under your belly button and hip bones

For midi or maxi styles, the waistline should sit somewhere from under your buttocks to your shins.

It's better to avoid a waistline that sits directly around your hips or bottom, as this might make your hips look bigger and your legs shorter (especially with midi and maxi styles).

This rule does not apply to slender body types with little difference between their bust, waist, and hip size. They actually look great with a waistline sitting directly on their hip.

2. General Fit:

Make sure it is not too tight.

Especially when you have wider hips, you want to pick a dress with plenty of fabric that can glide off your curves without clinging to them.

3. Bust Fit:

Ladies who have been blessed with an ample bosom should pay close attention to the neckline when choosing their low waist dress.

Anything with a high neck, especially a tight turtleneck, might make you look like you are wearing a tent.

Instead, go for a deeper neckline that showcases your gorgeous curves or for a dress with a pussy bow, frill, or other details on top.

This will balance off the silhouette, making sure that you are looking statuesque and feminine.

Some Tips and Trics to Make You Look Good in a Drop Waist Dress

Here are the top 6 styling tips to help you look your best in a drop waist dress.

And don't miss number 5 - it's my exclusive trick straight from my design studio😊!

1. Heels/Wedges:

When rocking a drop waist dress, your choice of shoes can really make a difference!

Heels or wedges are a lifesaver if you think the dress makes your legs look short. They give the illusion of longer legs, making you feel taller and more confident.

Plus, they help you stand tall and straight, further balancing your outfit.

2. Scarf:

Scarves are a fantastic accessory to complement a drop waist dress, especially if you're conscious of wider hips.

By adding a scarf, you draw attention upwards, diverting focus from the hip area.

Opting for a scarf with vibrant colors or bold patterns not only injects personality into your outfit but also creates visual interest that distracts from any perceived asymmetry.

Additionally, scarves can be draped strategically to create a vertical line, elongating your silhouette and creating a more balanced overall look.

3. Hat/Head Accessory:

This might not be a solution for every season or situation, but wearing a hat, beret, or even a bold headband goes great with a low waist dress.

Think Great Gatsby style!

Fabulous ladies of the 1920s era wouldn't be seen without some bold head accessory!

A well-chosen hat or headband can instantly draw attention upwards, shifting the focus away from the hip area and creating that smooth, graceful silhouette drop waist dresses are all about.

4. Plain Tights/Stockings:

It is safer to go for plain stockings over patterned or colorful stockings when paired with a drop waist dress.

Plain stockings create a more streamlined and cohesive look, allowing the focus to remain on the clean lines of the dress rather than competing with bold patterns or colors.

This simplicity helps to elongate the legs and create a more balanced silhouette, which is especially flattering when wearing a drop waist dress.

5. Accessories

Adding accessories like necklaces and earrings can make a big difference to your drop waist dress ensemble.

Think statement necklaces or bold earrings that catch the eye and draw attention upwards.

By jazzing up your neckline and face with some jewelery, you divert attention away from the hips and towards your radiant smile.

By strategically accessorizing, you can create a balanced and polished look that brings out the elongated silhouette of your drop waist dress.

5. And My Secret Weapon:

I design my drop waist dresses so that they are weighted down with a generous frill section.

This prevents any unwanted bulges from forming around your hips and stomach and helps you to get that sleek jazz-style silhouette drop waist dress is all about!

What Body Type Looks Good in a Drop Waist Dress?

What Body Type Looks Good in a Drop Waist Dress?
Image from CanvaPro and FreePik

Here is a breakdown of how the different body types look in a drop waist dress.

(Of course, these are only general guidelines and you should always follow your own fashion instinct. 

The ultimate rule is to choose and wear what YOU like and what YOU feel good in💪😊)

1. Slender Frames - Perfect Match

For slender individuals, drop-waist dresses are ideal, particularly if you have a small bust and hips.

They let you show off those toned arms, collarbones, and legs, whether you prefer a snug or relaxed fit.

Just a heads-up for petites: watch out for overly loose styles, as they can drown your frame.

Keep it just right to flatter your slender silhouette without feeling too baggy, especially if you're on the shorter side.

2. Plus Size Shapes - Good Match

Loose-fitting drop-waist dresses are a wonderful option for plus-size individuals.

They beautifully highlight your legs and arms while creating an elongated silhouette.

Whether you carry weight in your midsection or have a straight-up-and-down shape, this style will complement your body type perfectly.

Opt for dresses with a loose fit and a waist that falls low on the hips to enhance your figure and showcase your legs.

3. Apple Body Shape - Good Match

If you have an apple body shape and want to draw attention away from your mid-section, a lower waist dress is the good choice!

Eyes will be drawn away from your middle and downwards towards your hips and legs.

Just make sure that the fit is not too tight and there is enough fabric to evenly glide over your silhouette.

4. Hourglass Figures - Possible Match

If you have a feminine hourglass figure, then you should opt for a dress that has enough fabric to slide from your curves and does not cling to your bust or hips.

With the right fit and length, your silhouette will be graceful and slender.

It is also better to stay away from the dresses that have tight, high necklines, to avoid a "tent-like" look.

5. Pear Shapes - Difficult Match

If you want to make your hips appear more slender, then wearing low waist dresses may not be the best option for your body shape.

BUT, by picking the right dresses and accessories, Pear Shape types can also enjoy this distinctive style.

Because drop waist styles do draw focus towards your hips, you should opt for a drop-waist dress that has strong detailing around the neckline or accessorize with a statement jewelry piece to draw attention to your chest/neck.

This will create a balanced, elegant silhouette.

Drop Waist Dress 2024: a New Old Trend

I hope that I've convinced you to give this "new" trend a try.

But let's be honest - it's not really new, is it? 

As we've seen, the drop waist dress has been around for decades, tracing its roots back to the glamorous flapper era of the 1920s.

Now, in 2024, it's experiencing a resurgence, capturing the hearts of fashion enthusiasts and designers alike.

From the catwalks to the streets, everyone is talking about the drop waist dress.

And why wouldn't they?

Its unique silhouette is a refreshing departure from the waist-fitted forms we are so used to.

But styling it just right is the key to rocking this trend, and I hope this article gave you some tools to do just that.

By picking the right dresses and accessories, practically everyone can enjoy this distinctive style as both an everyday and formal look.

So, what are your thoughts on this style?

Are you ready to give the drop waist dress a go, or is it a hard no for you?

Or perhaps you've been a fan of low waist dresses for years, and this 2024 trend is nothing new to you?

Make sure to let me know in your comments.

Thank you for reading!😀

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