Is Oversized Coat Still in Style?

Is Oversized Coat Still in Style?

 A Closer Look at the Oversized Fashion Trend!

You may be wondering — is the oversized coat trend still in fashion and is it really for me? How do I know if this style will look good on me or not? What coat size should I go with and what style should I wear? 

In this article w're going to dive deep into 

the oversized coat style, exploring how your favorite celebrities have rocked it, breaking down the imaginative designs from top-notch designers, and giving you the lowdown on all the fantastic options available. 

Fashion trends tend to ebb and flow, with styles that were once popular making comebacks and evolving to fit the times. One such trend that has seen resurgence in recent years is the oversized coat. The question for this year is: is the oversized coat still in style?

From Runways to Celebities: Is Oversized Trend still in?

The resounding answer is YES! Oversized coats are the IT item for your wardrobe this season!

They are definitely still in fashion, but please, don’t just take our word for it.

Famous celebrity Kylie Jenner was recently spotted wearing this cool grey oversized coat over a simple white tank and the Queen of the oversized coats herself, Haley Bailey, was also spotted wearing this rusty-brown oversized pea coat over an all-black attire.

Even high-end designers like Dolce & Gabbana, The Row, and Burberry are currently showcasing some of their best oversized coats in their new collections this season. 

There is a reason for fashion designers constantly reinventing the oversized coat trend in new, creative ways. The versatility, stylishness, and ability to cater to a variety of fashion preferences make the oversized coat a timeless go-to style for the couture world.

Think about Balenciaga truning heads with its exaggerated puffer coats that are not only stylish but also cozy and warm.

Acne Studios keeps it chic and minimalist with their roomy wool coats, known for their clean lines and understated elegance. Max Mara's Teddy coats are iconic for their cocoon-like silhouette and plush, luxurious feel.

Maison Margiela takes a deconstructed approach, playing with proportions and unconventional details. Off-White combines streetwear and high fashion with bold oversized parkas and puffer jackets. Celine offers relaxed elegance, whether in oversized trench coats or cocoon-shaped wool coats. Gucci takes a nostalgic turn with oversized silhouettes reminiscent of the '70s and '80s, featuring bold patterns and vintage-inspired glamour.

These examples showing how much designers and stars alike love oversized coats are more then enough to inspire anyone to jump on board with this undeniably stylish trend! 

Ovesized Coat Fit

So, lets answer all of your burning questions about choosing
the best oversized coat for women. When it comes to the right oversized fit — the bigger the size, the better!

Lucky for you, there are no rules to follow for this style. And best of all, you don’t even have to follow a coat size guide of any kind to achieve this look. Investing in an oversized coat that’s the next size up may be the missing piece to completing your entire outfit.

Typically, a classic oversized coat serves as an extra layer piece over your chunky knit wears, jackets, scarves, and any light, ultra-feminine pieces. The oversized coat for women also provides ample room in the arms and shoulders for comfortability and takes the attention away from your midriff. 

However, the challenge of this is strategically figuring out how well the oversized coat pairs with other pieces in your closet. The perfect oversized coat for women has to look intentional, timeless, comfortable, fashion forward, and it has to fit you in all the right places without overwhelming your frame. 

a picture of a woman wearing an oversized coat
Image from CanvaPro

How to choose the best oversized coat?

The key to finding a stylish oversized coat for women or any apparel for women is knowing your style.

Do you consider your style to be preppy, edgy, minimal, casual, chic, feminine, etc.? What kind of clothing pieces do you gravitate more towards? Knowing this information will help guide you when choosing the right oversized coat to pair with other items in your closet. 

If you’re looking to add this timeless piece to your closet this season, here are three of the best oversized coat styles you don’t want to miss:

Oversized Trench Coat

The classic oversized trench coat is a huge staple in anyone’s closet. It’s the perfect transitional piece that’s both versatile, sleek, and chic with a feminine silhouette. This fashionable oversized coat can be worn casually with double-breasted closures, flap pockets, sleeve loops, and storm flaps. 

The trench coat’s waterproof heavy-duty cotton material, twill weaves, leather, or poplin fabric comes in various muted colors and are very easy to layer with any apparel for women.

A woman is carrying an oversized trench coat, showing that oversized coat is still in style
Image from CanvaPro

Oversized Wool Coat

Looking for a coat that pairs well with any style? Try adding an oversized wool or wool blend coat to your wardrobe. Tailored to fit a stylish appearance, you can definitely wear this oversized coat up or down. This timeless piece is extremely versatile and is forever trending among apparel for women. 

With the best insulating material and extra layer of protection from the cold, an oversized wool coat is a worthy investment that keeps you warm and cozy for years. Many styles of this durable coat include the pea coat, collarless coats, belted coats, wrap wool coats, or straight style coats. 


a woman is wearing an oversized wool coat, showcasing an oversized coat style
image from Canva Pro

Oversized Silk Coat

Whether you’re following trends or looking to revamp your wardrobe, introducing a luxurious oversized silk coat to your collection is a great way to look comfortable, unique and stylish. This one-of-kind oversized coat for women radiates elegance and opulence in every wardrobe. The coat size is generously oversized and looks amazing on most sizes. 

These stunning oversized coats are carefully hand-sewn from the highest-grade vintage uchikake kimono (wedding kimono) and are adorned with lavish golden threads and dazzling embroidery.

a women is wearing an oversized coat, showcasing oversized  coat styling
Image from Dress Your Color

The Oversized Coat Style: Timeless Fashion

Wherever you go this season, be it a formal dinner or a casual outing with friends, your coat will always be the first thing people see. And similarly to neckwear or boho bags, the coat you choose will always be the element that ties your entire look together. 
Click here to learn how to style the oversized coat for women.

I hope I have managed to convince you that the oversized coat trend is still very much in style! It's not going anywhere because oversized coats got it all –  they are comfy, classic, versatile, and eco-friendly. Plus, they're for everyone, regardless of gender, and come in a fantastic range of fabrics. So, if you've got one of these gems hanging in your closet, rest assured it's still your go-to piece to rock the style this year and way into the future. Get ready to mix, match, and show off your oversized coat – you're in vogue this year and beyond! 


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  • Amber Green

    I honestly don’t think they were never not in style! I look at pictures of my Nana and see so many women wearing them, same with pictures of my mom and her friends. It is just one of those trends that will always be around. I think those coats pictured are GORGEOUS but the way! I may have to snag one for the fall. Will there be any kind of end of the summer sale by chance?

  • Jess

    Yes! Oversized coats are timeless. This post explains so well, why they’re still in style. A must-read for fashion enthusiasts!

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